Dinner Menu



Crispy braised bacon, hearts of romaine, mango, queso fresco- $13

Salad of pickled beets, apple, goat’s cheese cannoli, frisse, mushroom compote, pumpkin seeds – $12

Coconut chowder, side str5ipe shrimp, smoked tuna crostini- $13

Seared scallops, ‘Jamaican dirty rice,’ pickled pineapple, lime, yogurt- $17

Steamed local mussels with tomato-fenugreek curry, hickory sticks- $14

Confit of duck leg with General Tao crispy cauliflower, salad of broccoli, picked pear and peanuts -$16

Main Course

Marinated wild salmon with hummus, muhammara roasted eggplant, lentil cakes, tahini vinaigrette- $29

Roasted breast of chicken, roulade of potato, spinach and parmesan, puttanesca, tomato, zucchini, olives- $29

Green tea & sesame crusted Albacore tuna, wasabi-white chocolate spring rill, miso-molasses vinaigrette- $29

Grilled beef tenderloin with basil smashed fingerling potatoes, house bacon, creamed wild mushrooms- $42