Point-No-Point Resort was originally established in 1952 by Evelyn Packham, RN, affectionately know as Miss P. She retired from nursing and bought the recently clear-cut crown land, determined to nurture it back to its natural state and establish a haven for travellers on the remote West Coast Road.

While working on the construction of the Tea House, she lived alone in the radio tower (a remnant of Canada’s west coast defense against Pacific WW2 invasion). The octagonal concrete foundations of the 12′ diameter tower are still intact next to the trail to the point.

The unusual name “Point-No-Point” comes from the original survey of this stretch of coast. It refers to a secondary point of land that is apparent, but doesn’t extend farther than the two primary points on either side of it, commonly referred to as a “point-no-point”.

The Soderberg family began working with the resort in 1973 when it had only 7 cabins, all of which are still in use (albeit renovated to the point that Miss P may not recognize them)! Sharon and Stuart Soderberg continue to maintain and expand the resort – an envious task to those of us who are city-bound and anticipate our return visit!