Take-Out and Pre-Order Menu


*All food orders must be into the kitchen no later than 7:00pm, order and pick-up at the front desk!

Room charges are paid and closed in advance, all orders to be paid when placed. Charging to room not available currently.

Creamy Seafood Chowder

Scallops, shrimp, salmon, potato, bacon, freshly made bread  12

Baked Striploin Meatballs

Striploin, chillies, ginger, scallion, soy, citrus slaw  14

 Charcuterie and Cheese Board

Chef’s selection of local and house-made cured meats, local and international cheese, Castelvetrano olives, freshly made bread, house pickles, mustard, jelly, fresh fruit  29

Artisan Salad 

Local artisan greens, apple, spiced pecans, carrot, cabbage, cucumber, goat cheese, cider vinaigrette  15

Salad additions: add grilled salmon – 11

Grilled Wild Salmon

Grilled marinated wild Sockeye, potato and zucchini hash, roasted seasonal vegetables, grainy Dijon and sherry vinaigrette  28

Vegetarian Pasta

Linguini, locally cultivated black pearl oyster and lions mane mushrooms, broccolini, fresh herbs, heirloom tomato, parmesan, chili, freshly made bread  23

 Grilled Striploin

House cut 8oz certified angus striploin, smoked cheddar and roasted garlic mashed potatoes, heirloom tomato confit, seasonal roasted  vegetables, sweet onion butter  44

Chocolate Mousse

Callebaut chocolate, Stick-in-the-Mud coffee, brandy, vanilla whipped cream  8

Fruit Crumble

Warm peach and blackberry crumble, butter pecan ice cream  9


Chef: Jason Rossington