Sunset Magazine: Living in the West, Vancouver Island, BC

Cabins on the cliff, by Rachel Levin

Victoria may be only an hour away, but the 25 cabins at Point-No-Point Resort might as well be at the end of the Earth — a rugged, woodsy, ocean cliff stretch of it at that. Cedar-cute and woodstove-cozy, many of the one- and two-room cabins were built in the ’50s but ace the test of time. All have picture windows framing the Pacific, wooden decks with bright Red Adirondacks, and pebbly paths that lead to the intimate, window walled Tearoom restaurant ($$$) — and the private beach below. Tired of that one? Just hit the winding road to a host of others along this southwest corner of Vancouver Island — French Beach, China Beach, Botanical Beach — each an easy hike and all-but-abandoned.

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From $168 U.S; 2-night minimum